Collection: Custom Wood Horns

These items are build-to-order.  Joseph will work with you to design your wood horn based on your specific driver or speaker system.  We can suggest drivers based on our own testing and listening, or provide a completely finished audiophile speaker. Please inquire with your specific needs: 

joseph_crowe(at symbol) 

For the DIY speaker builder we offer hand crafted wood horns that are carefully designed to provide controlled coverage into your listening room.  We offer a variety of shapes and sizes to work into your multiway speaker project.  Some of our horns are designed to work with specific drivers.  Others are more generic to work with a variety of drivers.  We offer horns to work with different types of drivers, such as compression, dome, ribbon, planar, or EMT.

About Front Horns

You’ll notice more transparent sound due to reduced early side wall reflections in your listening space.  A properly designed horn will have lower distortion and higher sensitivity than a comparable non-horn type speaker.  Horns have a very lively and dynamic sound that many people find as a revelation when they first listen.  The result is a more engaging music experience similar to that of a live concert.   


Custom Wood Horns