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Welcome to Joseph Crowe Custom Audio Products. We are a small business located in Ontario, Canada.  We offer custom audio products such as wood horns and speaker cabinet design. We offer custom design and build services for the home audio market, serving either individuals or other speaker companies. Our services include prototyping cabinets, horns, waveguides, driver testing, crossover design, 3D CAD modelling, and CNC work. All of our designs are available for personal use in the form of 3D CAD files or PDF assembly drawings.  Commercial licensing is available for our ES horn technology for use in your own speaker products.

2021 Interview by Toids DIY Audio

Custom Design and Prototyping

Troy Joseph Crowe has a background in Mechanical Engineering Technology with extensive experience in both the Audio Industry and the Automotive Industry.  All design work is done using SolidWorks 3D CAD modeling software.  His main focus is on audiophile two-channel music systems for the most accurate sound reproduction. Troy Joseph Crowe follows a very methodical design process. Using acoustical and electrical measurements, along with various computer simulations, he is able to achieve designs that meet or exceed the original performance target.  With in-house CNC capability he is able to validate technologies through prototyping as part of the design process.  He also offers finished components or complete systems based on the customer's needs.  

  • 15" 2-Way Complete Speaker Plan No.2155

    By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive the required drawings and 3D CAD files required to construct the complete speaker. 

  • Solid Wood Horns

    Utilizing proprietary horn flare geometry, these wood horns have been highly optimized for audiophile sound quality. Multiple variations of the horns were tested during the development with the goal of providing purity of sound and ultimate resolution.

    ES-800 Biradial Horn 
  • Bass Cabinets

    A properly designed bass cabinet can not only sound phenominal but look great too! We work with the customer to design a bass solution that works for thier specific needs including room size and associated equipment.

    View Bass Cabinets 
  • DIY

    Joseph Crowe Custom Audio Products began in the DIY community and continues to offer unique and highly detailed DIY plans for personal use. All plans can be customized to your specific needs. Visit our Plans product page or contact us for more information.

    DIY Plans 
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