1159 Series Stand Mount Speaker with ES Horn Technology

Designed and Built to Order

Built to Order

Joseph Crowe is a professional speaker designer who handcrafts high performance speakers at a reasonable price.   We keep some inventory however most orders are special order (Engineered To Order).  Joseph works with you to develop your design goals.  After the quote stage a full design is developed and approved by the customer.  Following approval the project is manufactured and performance tested.  The product with testing results are then shipped to you. 

"As a company in the audio industry, we have worked with many individuals, but Joseph’s attention to detail and knowledge of CAD/CNC has been unmatched" 


"Cymbals sound fantastic and life like, trumpet and female vocals too. Both horns mix really well"

ES-800 Biradial Horn Review

"The horns sound absolutely fantastic.  The first thing that hit me was the very natural sounding male and female vocals.  They present a great soundstage and plenty of high end detail.  I cannot detect any negative artifacts"


1159 Stand Mount Series

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