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Joseph Crowe

Speaker Plan No.2155 --- 15" 2-way

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15" 2-way Plan Set (Complete)

By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive the required drawings and 3D CAD files required to construct the complete speaker. 

  • Complete plan set (emailed after ordering) 
    • .PDF drawings for bass cabinet 
    • 3D CAD files for ES-600 Biradial Horn No.1798
      • .step format
      • .STL format 
    • 3D CAD file for compression driver rear chamber 
      • Special rear chamber that replaces existing aluminum rear cover on stock compression driver 
    • Crossover schematic 
      • PDF format 
      • Suggested part numbers/brands 
    • Drawing for support stand 
      • PDF format 
  • Utilizes Beyma 15LX60V2 
    • Powerful and deep bass 
    • High sensitivity (98dB@1w anechoic) 
      • add +6dB for in-room sensitivity 
    • 35Hz bass extension 
  • Utilizes SB Audience 65CDN-T 1.40" compression driver 
    • 2.50" diaphragm (titanium) 
    • Very wide bandwith with first breakup at 17kHz 
    • Copper shorting rings for lower distortion 
    • Chosen for it's excellent clarity and smoothness 
    • No need for a super tweeter 
  • Bass cabinet 
    • Uses port kit PSP 4FLARE 4" Flared Port Tube Kit (PSP4-BKHT)
    • 18mm thick birch plywood 
    • Double wall front baffle (36mm thick total) 
    • Braced 
    • Removable rear cover 
    • Rear mount woofer 
    • Nested layout on standard 48" x 96" sheet of plywood 
      • Requires x4 sheets for one pair of cabinets 
  • Passive Crossover 
    • Fourth order low pass on low frequency driver 
    • Second order high pass on high frequency driver 
    • 600Hz crossover point 

Available Options (contact for quote) 

  • Brushed nickel or copper decals 
  • Drivers and crossover components shipped within the USA 
  • Turn-key build
  • ES-600 Biradial Horns