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Joseph Crowe

3D CAD Files for ES-600 Bi-Radial Wood Horn No.1978

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive via email the required 3D CAD files to manufacture the horn. 

Horn No.1978 represents a sweet spot in terms of size, providing extension down to 600Hz and yet still maintaining acceptably wide horizontal off-axis coverage in the upper treble. This allows the horn to be used successfully in 2-way application with low frequency drivers ranging from 8" to 15". The picture shown above is with a 10" driver.  The horn measures 416mm wide (16.40") which fits nicely with bass cabinets as small as 400mm wide. This latest version of the ES-600 Biradial has the following changes compared to when I originally introduced the horn four years ago. 


  • 3D CAD files for horn and throat adapter (.STL & .iges file format) 

Click on the images below to enlarge:


  • Includes removable throat adapter for either 1" or 1.4" throat drivers
    • Special 3D printed adapter is printed as a solid (no hollow fill)
    • Remains dense and inert compared to regular 3D printing 
    • Holds drivers weighing up to 20lbs. 
  • Viablue UFO rubber isolation feet x3 (pocketed into bottom of horn) 
  • Throat bump to eliminate small resonance near the cutoff frequency (600Hz) 
  • New tappered appearance 
  • Built-in rear extension for super tweeter (top and bottom) 
  • The legacy design 3D CAD file can be found here

Continuing from previous revision the also features:

  • ES (Exponential Spiral) flare geometry 
  • Wrap-around horn mouth 
  • Crossover Design service available (Please contact)


  • Frequency Response 600Hz - 20kHz 
  • 416mm Wide x 203mm High x 198mm Deep 
  • 1" or 1.4" throat depending on configuration 

Frequency Response 

The frequency response shown above is with the RCF ND-940 compression driver without the optional wood rear cover. 

Horizontal Off-Axis Colored Polar Map 


Below is an example list of suitable drivers. Any driver with a 1.40" throat and 101mm bolt spacing will physically fit. 

  • RCF ND650, ND850, ND950
  • Radian 745DPB, 745PB, or 745Neo
  • TAD TD-4003
  • B£C DE780TN 

    Suitable drivers 1.0" throat (76mm bolt spacing) 

    • TAD TD-2001
    • Older Pioneer and Altec drivers 
    • Coral M100 
    • B&C DE250
    • RCF ND350