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Joseph Crowe

1323 Dome Tweeter Waveguide --- 3D CAD File

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive a zipped folder via email containing the 3D CAD Files required to make the 1323 Waveguide.  The 3D CAD files will allow you to 3D print or CNC machine using your preferred material.  (G-Code not included) 

Tweeter Waveguide 1323 is specifically designed 3D CAD file for use with the SB Acoustics TW29BN-B tweeter.  For other tweeters please inquire at
  • Funds in USD currency
  • 3D CAD Files (STL, iges, step) 
  • PDF drawings (Cabinet Cutout, Assembly) 


The performance data published below was taken from the 1198 speaker which includes the full ES-curvature around the baffle edges.  Otherwise the 1323 waveguide is identical. 

Since the 1323 waveguide is baffle mounted, it is strongly suggested that large baffle round-over features be implemented to retain similar performance as published below.  The 1198 speaker uses the same SB Acoustics TW29BN-8 tweeter. 

Raw frequency response shown below (no crossover):

Below is the suggested crossover schematic as a starting point.  A flat response is achieved with a single 4.7uF capacitor.  A Lpad circuit can be used to attenuate to the correct level. 

The simple crossover achieves the frequency response shown below.

Distortion is kept to a minimum due to the aid of the waveguide, despite the low 1.5kHz crossover point.  Shown below is the 1198 harmonic distortion at 95dB SPL at 1 meter distance. 

The frequency response below is the 1198 frequency response after crossover development with the Purifi PTT6.5 woofer. 

The off-axis polar map of the 1198 stand mount speaker (for reference only):

Burst Decay of 1198 stand mount speaker (for reference only):

Technical Drawing Click Here.

  • Allows precision CNC machining from solid hardwood (ie. walnut) 
  • Suggest Watco Danish Oil  (See Example Video HERE
  • ES curvature for optimum sound quality (minus wrap-around at horn mouth)
  • Clearance for tweeter surround (assumes use of SB Acoustics TW29BN-B

  • Locating pins for tweeter (keeps tweeter centered) 

  • 2kHz Low Frequency Cutoff (Fc) 
  • Allows for 1.5kHz crossover Point by reducing distortion at crossover region 
  • 180mm W x 115mm H x 40mm" D 

Files Include

  • Waveguides (Part 1323-01-001) with tweeter locating dowels. 
  • Clamp Bracket (Part 1323-01-002)

Tweeter Mounting Hardware

  • Screws for clamp bracket (#8 Robertson Wood Screws 1.75" long) 


  • G-Code text files 
  • CAM Programming (Can be quoted separately. please contact