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Joseph Crowe

1628 Dome Tweeter Waveguide --- 3D CAD File -- Scanspeak D3004-664000

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive a zipped folder via email containing the 3D CAD Files required to make the 1628 Waveguide.  The 3D CAD files will allow you to 3D print or CNC machine using your preferred material.  (G-Code not included) 

Tweeter Waveguide 1628 is specifically designed 3D CAD file for use with the Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/6640-00 1" Tweeter Beryllium Dome.

For other tweeters please inquire at
  • Funds in USD currency
  • 3D CAD Files (STL, iges, step) 
  • PDF drawings (Cabinet Cutout, Assembly) 


Technical Drawing Click Here

  • Allows precision CNC machining from solid hardwood (ie. walnut) 
  • Suggest Watco Danish Oil  (See Example Video HERE
  • ES curvature for optimum sound quality 
  • Clearance for tweeter surround 
  • Locating pins for tweeter (keeps tweeter centered) 
  • 2kHz Low Frequency Cutoff (Fc) 
  • Allows for 1.5kHz crossover Point by reducing distortion at crossover region 


    • G-Code text files 
    • CAM Programming (Can be quoted separately. please contact