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Joseph Crowe

3D CAD File for Horn No.1242 ES Horn for Fostex T925A

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive via email the 3D CAD files in STL, .iges, and .step format. This allow the DIY enthusiast to either 3D print or CNC machine the horn. These files can be imported into your CAM software to allow for programming of your 3D printer or CNC machine. Programming is not included with the files. For custom design changes please contact

This ES-4000 Circular Horn is designed to improve the appearance and performance of the Fostex T925A.  By providing pattern control in the 7kHz-10kHz region the overall power response is improved between this region of bandwidth *and* the upper treble (10kHz-20kHz).  Additionally the step response is cleaned up by reducing edge diffraction off the front bezel of the driver.  The horn provides a smooth physical transition from the horn flare on the driver itself.  


  • CAD funds 
  • Specifically designed for the Fostex T925A super tweeter
  • ES curvature 
  • 4kHz loading (Fc)
  • Suggest the use of Rubber feet 
  • Two-piece assembly secured using x2 wood screws 

Physical Dimensions 

  • Horn diameter: 132mm (5.2”)
  • Base dimensions 100mm x 100mm x 49mm thick. 
  • Base to center of horn 70mm (2.8”) 
  • Overall Depth (not including driver): 116mm (4.6”)