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Joseph Crowe

2kHz ES Circular Horn No.2438

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Wood horn No.2438 is a 15cm diameter wood horn for 1" compression drivers. The horn loads down to 1.8kHz and is intended for the DIY speaker building enthusiast. It is left up to the customer to finish the overall speaker design since we do not include complete speaker plans with this product. 

This high frequency horn is designed to sit on top of the bass cabinet. The design includes a 3D printed foot to allow screwing into the top of the bass cabinet. 

The design includes a driver adapter ring for mounting a standard 1" compression driver. 

Please select from the inventory variant during checkout based on your preference for wood species and grain appearance. (see actual product photos)

For the dimensional drawing click HERE


  • Sold as a pair (select x1 at checkout for x1 pair) 
  • 15cm diameter wood horn 
  • Precision CNC machined 
  • 1" throat with 7.3 degree half angle 
  • M6 mounting screws using the standard 76mm bolt centers 
  • 3D printed mounting foot for screwing to bass cabinet below 
  • 3D printed driver mounting ring (does not form part of the throat) 
  • Screws for going into top of bass cabinet 
  • Screws for mounting driver adapter ring 

Variants (please select at checkout)

001 —- Walnut

002 —- Birch 

003 —- Walnut 

004 —- Walnut 

005 —- Birch 

006 —- Birch 

007 —- Cherry 

008D —- Walnut (damaged, see photos, 50% discount) 

Not Included 

  • Sanding (fresh off the CNC!) (We suggest progressive sanding up to 200 grit) 
  • M6 x 12mm long hex bolts for mounting compression driver
  • Finishing ( We suggest x2 coats of Rubio 2C wax) 
  • Compression driver ( We suggest the RCF ND350)

Testing was done with the RCF ND350-8. 

Frequency response (raw vs 3.9uF capacitor) 
Off-axis at 0,15,40 & 45 degrees off-axis.
Off-axis polar map of the same from above.
CSD Plot
Burst Decay 
Harmonic Distortion 85dB and 95dB.