Custom Speakers --- Designed & Built to Order

We offer special design services where we will build your dream speakers according to specification.  We use the best 3D modelling software which ensures you know exactly what your getting.  We work closely with the client to understand performance goals including room size, SPL, passive or active, sound quality level, soundstage, music types, and other factors to get you your dream system.  By leveraging Joseph Crowe's extensive knowledge in acoustics, electronics, and mechanical engineering, you will get the help you need to fill in the gaps on design elements your not quite sure about.   We work with the client to develop within the confines of budget as well, keeping communication open throughout the process so there are no surprises along the way.  

Typical Workflow 

  • You contact us 
  • We discuss your needs 
  • We do up a preliminary rendering using our 3D modelling program 
  • Once agreed we provide overall cost and delivery lead time 
  • Once agreed we are commissioned to build the speakers (Optional)
  • Package and Ship


We ship globally.  To protect your shipment we use a local company that specializes in packaging.  For larger items they will wood box the item to ensure it's protected.