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Joseph Crowe

Speaker System No. 1680

Speaker System No.1680 is custom made to order. Please contact for a quote with lead time.

Sound Character

Speaker system No.1680 is designed to provide a rich and warm sound character in medium to large listening rooms. The 10" woofer provides plenty of clean output partnered with an excellent high frequency driver that we've chosen for it's warm character. The sound is lush and engaging while still maintaining proper dynamics. 


Configured as a 2-way floorstanding speaker utilizing a 10" SEAS woofer and 1" compression driver mounted to our ES-800 Biradial horn. The front baffle is CNC machined in one piece from 15cm thick hardwood. The rest of the enclosure is full 22mm thick hardwood. 


Below is the off-axis frequency response for the No.1680 speaker. As you can see the off-axis is even and consistent with the on-axis response. This means the speaker is completely devoid of edge diffraction artifacts that could blur detail. This also means the power response into the room will be balanced and similar to the on-axis response. For more information on this subject please see Floyd Toole's presentation on "science/opinions and facts"

Below is the total frequency response including the port output. 
Below is the impedance response. 


  • One pair of speakers finished 
  • Floor Standing Design 
  • 2-way design 
  • 1 kHz crossover point 
  • ES-800 Biradial Wood Horn (Solid walnut)
  • RCF ND-350 High Frequency Compression Driver (Made in Italy)
  • SEAS Prestige CA26RFX 10” woofer (Made in Norway)

Below is an optional crossover upgrade, otherwise we use Mundorf EVO oil, PTFE silver coated wire as standard. (please contact for crossover upgrade cost)

Other standard features 


  • 90dB Sensivity (1 watt) 
  • Cabinet 297mm wide x 947mm tall 
  • 32Hz-20kHz 
  • Ships globally using our commercial carrier 
  • Lead time 4 months (payment terms 60/40)