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Joseph Crowe

Exponential Spiral (ES) Circular Baffles

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Custom Order, please allow 2 - 3 weeks plus shipping time. 

  • 9.50" diameter x 1.75" Dp.
  • Custom designed for your specific driver
  • Various woods available 
  • Available in satin or polished high gloss at extra cost 
  • Price is for pair 

This unique product is designed to improve many sound quality aspects of your full-range or wide-band driver.  Extensive acoustical measurements have proven this design is highly effective at removing edge diffraction and improving off-axis performance. You will notice improved dynamic range, better low level retrieval of subtle nuance of sounds, and wider sound stage. Standard circular baffles are available for a range of common fullrange drivers such as the Fostex FE108E Sigma.  Custom designs are available for your specific needs.