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Joseph Crowe

Speaker System No.1815

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$6,750 USD each plus shipping. 

We have the following speakers in inventory:

  • Washed oak with isolation base x1 pair
  • Walnut x1 pair 

These speakers can be custom ordered in a variety of finishes and accessories. 

Sound Characteristics 

  • Tight and controlled bass 
  • Medium soundstage width 
  • Excellent soundstage depth 
  • Coherent midrange and treble 

Note: Optimal placement for this speaker is either directly against the rear wall or spaced from the rear wall about 20cm. This speaker does not need to be corner placed despite the shape of the cabinet. The cabinet is shaped to reduce internal standing waves in the critical 300Hz-600Hz region where most square enclosures fail. 

Speaker system No.1815 features very high sensitivity for those using low power tube amplification. This design utilized a 15” woofer from SB Acoustics which does extremely well in a sealed enclosure. The result is clean and articulate bass. 

Rated at 95dB sensitivity (anechoic) or 102dB (in-room), providing bass extension flat to 50Hz (40Hz F6) in a compact form factor. 


  • 95dB Sensitivity (anechoic)
  • 8ohm 
  • Internal passive crossover 
  • ES-600 Biradial solid walnut 
  • 1.40" Compression Driver (SB Audience 65CDN-T)
  • 15" Woofer (SB Audience 15OB350)
  • 25mm thick plywood cabinet 
  • Real walnut cabinet veneer 
  • Internally damped enclosure 
  • Natural and durable wax finish 
  • Mirror cabinets connections at rear 
  • Brushed copper decals 
  • WBT binding posts 


  • Oak veneer and horn 
  • Isolation platform 
  • Super Tweeter with variable L-pad (see below)

The super tweeter is not required for optimal performance. The super tweeter is suggested for those that require ultra wide coverage when moving about the listening space. It is suggested to turn the super tweeter level down to -18dB for critical listening on-axis.