Speaker Cabinet #1086 --- 200 liter Onken Bass Cabinet Speaker Plans

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Construction Plans for a 200 liter onken style bass cabinet utilizing the Eminence Kappa Pro-15LF-2 15" Cast Frame Driver.  

Power Handling: 600 watts 

Frequency Response: 30Hz - 200Hz 

Sensitivity: 95dB

Maximum SPL: 120dB@34Hz (Requires 500 watts) 


The Eminence Specification Sheet can be downloaded here.

The WinISD file can be downloaded here.

Tuning frequency is 40Hz but can be lowered to 30Hz by blocking 2 of the 6 slot ports.  


This cabinet is specially designed for audiophile applications where minimal cabinet resonance is desired.  The cabinet is constructed of 24mm thick Baltic Birch Plywood featuring double layers for the front and rear baffle for a total thickness of 48mm (1.88") wall thickness.  The rear panel is removable to allow mounting the driver from the inside.  

Shown in the picture mounted on the top of the cabinet is the ES-600 Biradial horn also available from Joseph Crowe. 


  • PDF drawing Package 
  • Assembly and Detail drawings for all panels 
  • DXF nested layout on a standard 4' x 8' sheet 
  • 3D CAD files (iges, step, STL)