Sept 19, 2019

“For years, I enthusiastically followed Joseph Crowe’s Speaker Building Blog and admired his many interesting projects and horn builds. Earlier this spring, I was happy to see that Joseph had began offering his audio expertise full-time. My company was at a bit of standstill in the middle of a speaker project when I approached Joseph to see if he could turn our 2D drawings into 3D renderings. He went above and beyond, redrawing the entire design in detail, making some necessary changes, offered advice and brought the project back to life. As a company in the audio industry, we have worked with many individuals, but Joseph’s attention to detail and knowledge of CAD/CNC has been unmatched. In fact, his attention to detail also was able to identify some problem areas in our turntable design as well, which he was able to correct, while also making changes that add value to our final product. I have enjoyed and appreciated working with Joseph, and will absolutely continue to do so.”  Aaron 

Sept 18, 2019

"I love horns!  I have many examples in both 1 and 2 inch varieties.  I especially like wood horns.  I think wood horns sound best and look especially superb sitting on top of a speaker cabinet.  Admittedly, my believe in the sound superiority may be biased by their looks, but they do sound great. 

I was recently searching for a rectangular wood horn to use on top of some nice Onken cabinets for a two way system using drivers from Great Plains Audio (414 woofer and 802 CD).  I ran across the Joseph Crowe website and noticed he was doing some interesting horn designs in wood using a CNC device.  I contacted Joseph and we exchanged multiple emails regarding different horn ideas.  We settled on the ES-800 Biradial Horn concept.  Joseph provided 3D CAD renderings of the horn and suggested using a zebra wood center stripe sandwiched between layers of Baltic birch ply.

When the horns arrived I was immediately impressed with their looks and style.  The zebra stripe is beautiful.  The construction quality is first class, as is their finish.  They are solid.  I quickly mounted up my 802’s.  The fit of the horn throat to the CD mouth is excellent and a very smooth transition.

The horns sound absolutely fantastic.  The first thing that hit me was the very natural sounding male and female vocals.  They present a great soundstage and plenty of high end detail.  I cannot detect any negative artifacts.  I can’t really say much about off axis performance as I sit in the sweet spot.  I was previously using Altec 32C horns in this setup.  The ES-800’s sound better to me, especially for vocals.   The difference is more subtle than dramatic, but I do believe they are a step up.  All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased with them.

These are very well made horns that sound great and look even better.  Joseph was wonderful to work with on the project and the results exceeded my expectations."  Mike 


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