New Products on my Site

New Products on my Site

In this blog post I would like to showcase some new products added to my site. I would also like to provide some news on some upcoming products. 

The first product that I would like to feature is a new 3D CAD model for the ES450 biradial horn. This size format horn was introduced recently to fill in the gap between the 'very' large ES290 Biradial and the ES600 Biradial. 

The ES-450 Biradial is just as tall as the ES290 however it is not as wide. This allows great integration with a 15" bass cabinet which typically is around 60cm wide.

The ES290 is 67cm wide which is difficult to integrate with a standard bass unless you go with the 1798 bass cabinet which is 100cm wide. 

The ES450 is actually available in three different throat sizes. I first introduced it with a 1.50" throat to accommodate the TAD TD-4002 compression driver. Details on this can be found here

I then received a request to change the design to accommodate a standard JBL 2" driver. This 3D CAD model can be found here.

It must be kept in mind that the actual physical diameter of the throat is 49mm (1.929"). However, when I measured the JBL 2446H drivers that I had physically here, it actually measured 48.50mm (1.909") diameter. This is the diameter that I went with on the 3D CAD model for Horn No.1994.


The design includes a longer rear extension to allow mounting your favorite super tweeter, since the JBL 2446 will certainly need HF support above 8kHz. I've modelled in a Fostex T96A tweeter.

The Fostex tweeter uses a custom wood horn lens replacing the existing aluminum horn lens. This is the first time publishing this special horn lens on my site. I designed this a few months ago however I had to put the project on the back burner due to my workload with other projects. It's an exciting design and actually uses my ES horn flare curvature. The shape of the horn lens allows for baffle mounting for maximum flexibility. I even purchased some ultra dense lacewood for the project which is quite beautiful. I hope to eventually get to doing a few pairs later this year. 

If using the T96A, physical time alignment is perfect with the diaphragm of the JBL 2446. Like always, I can customize the design to accommodate your specific driver.

The third 3D CAD model available in the ES-450 Biradail size format, is a standard 1.40" throat which is most common for modern medium and large format compression drivers such as the SB Audience 65CDN-T. Details on this horn can be found here. I went a step further on this 3D CAD model by including a special 3D CAD model of a rear cover that replaces the existing rear cover for the 65CND-T. This extra 3D CAD model can be 3D printed and provides additional sound quality performance from this already excellent driver. 

Bass Cabinet Plans No. 1963

There are a few new bass cabinets that I've also recently introduced based on customer requests. The first is a 210L onken style enclosure for the Altec 411 15" Woofer. This woofer simulates well, providing a flat response to 28Hz and reasonable sensitivity of 93dB at 1w. Details on this enclosure can be found here

An interesting feature of the onken style cabinets is that you can adjust the tuning frequency by blocking one or more of the vent openings. There are a total of eight vent openings in the design. I've summarized the resulting tuning frequency depending on how many vent openings are blocked. 

Number of port openings and resulting tuning frequency:

  • x8 Ports = 28Hz
  • x7 Ports = 26Hz
  • x6 Ports = 24Hz
  • x5 Ports = 22Hz

Adjusting the tuning frequency allows for some adjustment to your specific room acoustics and personal preference. This is not an option with enclosures with a single port opening.

Bass Cabinet Plans No. 1964

Another enclosure design recently offered, again, based on a customer's request, is a 100L onken style enclosure using the Faital 15PR400 15". This design uses a 48Hz tuning frequency which is also adjustable based on the port blocking technique. 

x8 Ports = 48Hz
x7 Ports = 44Hz
x6 Ports = 42Hz

Details on this cabinet can be found here

Bass Cabinet Plan No.1947

This simple cabinet design was another customer request. Using the Dayton Audio PA380-8 15" Bass Driver tuned to 40Hz and offers 94.4dB sensitivity. 

Details on this plan set can be found here

Upcoming Plans

Waveguide No.1905

I will be offering the 3D CAD files soon for the 1905 waveguide for the Dayton Audio AMTPRO4. I featured this waveguide in my recent blog post. The plans will include the version with the fins, as well as the version without the fins. 

Markaudio CHR120

I will be introducing a complete plan set for the cabinet shown above. I had a few inquires for this plan set after I published my driver review in a recent blog post. The plans will include cabinet construction details as well as the special contour and baffle step circuit. 

For custom design inquiries please email me at


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