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Joseph Crowe

Speaker System No.2154 15" 2-way

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive the required drawings and 3D CAD files required to construct the complete speaker. 

Order All Components HERE

The drivers, crossover components, compression driver rear covers, binding posts, can all be ordered on my site and drop shipped to you from Madisound (USA and Canada customers only). To order the components please click on the checkout link HERE

The ES600 Biradial horn can be 3D printed or CNC machined using the included CAD files, or you can purchase the horn HERE


  • Assembly and detail drawings for bass cabinet (.PDF format)
  • Passive Crossover Schematic (included in drawings)
  • 3D CAD File for compression driver rear cover (.STL format) 
    • Required to lower driver's FS for 600Hz crossover 
    • Must be 3D printed 
    • Contact me for a quote to 3D Print 
  • Support stand assembly and detail drawings (.PDF format)
  • ES600 Biradial 3D CAD files (.iges and .STL format) 
  • 15" Woofer (SB Audience 15OB350)
  • 1.4" Compression Driver (SB Audience 65CDN-T)
  • Requires custom 3D printed rear cover (files included with plans)
  • Highly developed passive crossover for audiophile listening
  • 95dB Sensitivity
  • 90L bass reflex cabinet
  • Frequency response 33Hz-20kHz
  • 600Hz crossover point (4th order)  
  • Easy to construct bass cabinet using 18mm plywood 
  • Two cabinets fit on one 48” x 96” sheet of plywood 
  • Nested layout on sheet of plywood (.PDF format)
  • 4” flared port x 4” long (down firing) 
  • Port kit from Madisound (see checkout link above to purchase) 
  • All parts from Madisound except Horn and compression driver rear cover 
  • Cabinet must be filled 100% with polyfill (pillow stuffing) ensuring to not block woofer or port.
  • Removable rear cover on bass cabinet 
  • Face mounted woofer for clean look 
  • Special decal on front baffle not included (please contact for inquiries 
  • Plans available for commercial licensing (please contact) 
  • Customization available (please contact) 
  • Produces deep powerful bass (frequency response shown below is the near field woofer response and does not show the port output extending bass response to 33Hz)

    Frequency Response 

    Step Response 

    Burst Decay