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Joseph Crowe

Bass Cabinet Speaker Plans SEAS FA22RCZ

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By purchasing these cabinet plans you will automatically receive the PDF files (zipped) via email.  

The speaker stand plans can be purchased separately here

Bass cabinet designed for Seas FA22RCZ

Details on the SEAS FA22RCZ can be found here.

Custom designs can be done for your specific driver.  Please contact


  • PDF Drawings (see pictures below for examples)


Enclosure Size:80 liters

Frequency Response: 38Hz



The Autumn Bass Cabinet is intended for audiophile two channel music systems.


The cabinet is constructed from 18mm baltic birch plywood.  The front and rear baffle is two layers thick.  The cabinet is extremely stiff by virtue of the double wall slot ports.  The slot ports also aid in low port velocity which helps maintain bass dynamics at higher SPL.  The base of the cabinet is filled with 15 Kg of sand to further dampen any cabinet resonances.