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Joseph Crowe

Speaker Stand Plans

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These Speaker Stand Plans can be adjusted to suit any speaker dimension.  Simply adjust the width and depth dimensions on the drawings to suit your speaker size.   

Construction Difficulty: Basic

What's Included:

  • PDF Assembly and Detail Drawings 


The use of lap joints ensures extremely strong connections using only wood glue.  No screws or fasteners are required other than mounting the rubber feet. 


The Asian style joinery is a timeless design that will last many decades. 

Sound Quality 

The rigid and heavy construction ensures that soundstage imaging is maintained by keeping the speaker from physically moving from the inertia of the woofer's cone.  

Mounting Feet 

Newark F1687 38mm Diameter x 10mm thick rubber feet are referenced in the drawings.  This product needs to be ordered separately and can be found here

The design can easily accommodate your favorite mounting feet.  

Other Details 

  • Leg thickness is 70mm x 70mm
  • Minimum stand height is 215mm (no including rubber feet)