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Joseph Crowe

ES-290 Biradial Horn No.2386

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  • Sold individually (select x2 at checkout) 
  • Made to order (custom throat sizes available)
  • Available on Walnut, oak, cherry, birch 
The ES290 biradial No.1670 is a large format horn measuring 66cm wide x 30cm tall.
The horn uses a standard 2" throat and loads nicely down to 300Hz (Fc).
The horn can be crossed as low as 300Hz due to the large mouth area, which provides pattern control down to the same frequency.
The horn is designed to provide a -6dB down point at 300Hz so that passive crossover development is made simple. The horn is free of any first order reflections near cutoff, also due to the large mouth area.
The ES curvature features an exponential flare that loads well into the upper treble. The off-axis frequency response is characterized as well behaved and consistent with the on-axis, providing a gradual narrowing of directivity as you move up into the upper frequency spectrum. The horn provides a 120 listening window starting at 300Hz and then gradually narrows to 90 degrees at 8kHz where we suggest passing along to your favorite super tweeter. However if you'd like to use the horn for upper treble then the coverage is 60 degrees at 15kHz. 
Extremely Flat Frequency Response
Below is the frequency response of the ES-290 Biradial with the RCF ND850 compression driver. As you can see from 300Hz - 8kHz the horn is free from high 'Q' resonances that would indicate acoustical reflections within the horn. What is left is an clean and transparent sound that is free from any horn colorations.  Click the image below to expand.  We also see the driver's diaphragm breakup starting to occur at 9kHz which is a function of the driver and not the horn. 
Excellent Off-Axis Behavior 
Below shows the 0,15,30 & 45 degree off-axis frequency response. As you can see the off-axis responses are very similar to the on-axis. This indicates a trouble-free horn in terms of resonances. It also indicates an even power response into the room which means there is no over-emphasis on one particular frequency range.  Click on the image to enlarge. 
Below is the same test but with a competitor's horn. The off-axis consistency is degraded due to resonances and diffraction artifacts. This is what gives horns a characteristic "horn coloration". The ES-290 is devoid of these anomalies. 

ES-290 Flare Geometry 

The complete wrap-around geometry drastically reduces edge diffraction off the horn mouth.  This improves time domain performance such as spectral burst decay for lower noise floor, improving high frequency detail retrieval, and off-axis performance. 

Rear Extension for High Frequency 

The rear extension has grooves for to fit most Fostex bullet style super tweeters. Other high frequency horns can easily be used as well.  The rear extension allows for physical time alignment between the midrange and high frequency driver. This is critical for optimal coherency and phase alignment through the crossover region.

Optional Super Tweeter No.2258

Below is the optional horn lens No.2258 which is an modified version of the Fostex T900A. For comparison data against the stock T900A click here


No Throat Adapter

The horn does not use a throat adapter but is perfectly formed to allow the acoustical wave front to propagate through the horn uninterrupted with no abrupt physical transitions.

No Dispersion Fins 

Superior off-axis performance is achieved by virtue of the ES Flare geometry eliminating the need for dispersion fins. 

Rubber Ball Isolation Feet 

Two 1" diameter rubber balls support the front of the horn while a single rear ball supports the rear of the horn. The horn can be tilted slightly downwards by increasing the diameter of the rear ball. The horn comes standard with a 1.38" rear ball which tilts the horn downwards 3 degrees. Using a 1.00" ball rear ball makes the horn level.  Please specify tilt range during ordering. 

Brushed Nickel Decals 


  • Solid kiln dried walnut 
  • CNC Machined for Precision 
  • Rubio Mono Finish (natural walnut appearance) 


  • Priced individually, please add x2 to cart for one pair 
  • Throat diameter made to order (standard is 2” diameter) 

Finished Speaker Build Available 

Speaker System No. 2087 is a complete system using the ES-290 Biradial.