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Joseph Crowe

Speaker System No. 2087

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Speaker System No. 2087 represents my latest achievement in the large scale horn speaker category. The system provides the feeling of being at the live event without compromising overall smoothness and clarity. 

Sound Characteristics 
  • Excellent coherency throughout frequency range
  • Palpable mid-bass and midrange 
  • Convincing realism for live recordings 
Please contact for a quote with lead time. or call 613-920-5934

System Configuration
  • 15" bass cabinet 
  • 33Hz bass response 
  • 101.5dB sensitivity 
  • 300Hz & 8kHz crossover point 
  • Large format midrange horn (ES290 Biradial No.2386)
  • 5" Paper cone midrange driver (B&C DCM50 16ohm)
  • Custom wood horn super tweeter No.2258

Dimensional drawing click HERE

Bass Section 
  • Beyma 15LX60V2 woofer
  • As per 1798 drawings 
  • 24mm thick baltic birch plywood construction, walnut veneer 
  • Solid walnut for the slot vent layers 
  • Bass extension to 30Hz (F3)
  • 98dB sensitivity @2.83V (anechoic) 103dB (in-room)
  • Rear terminal plate (brushed nickel, laser engraved) 
  • Plywood Commercial shipping crate with 1” protective foam on all sides

Midrange Section 

High Frequency Section 

    Passive Crossover 

    • Developed using extensive listening and testing 
    • Outboard