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Joseph Crowe

Vintage Speaker System No.1416

Speaker system No.1416 is made to order. Please contact for a quote with lead time.

Designed for the ultimate in coherency and resolution, this speaker provides a focused soundstage with minimal room interaction allowing you to hear way into your favorite recordings. Bass performance is tight and controlled thanks to the sealed cabinet using JBL's Differential Drive motor technology. The design comes standard with a Hypex FA503 plate amp offering excellent driver control and extremely low distortion. 

Dimensional Drawing Click HERE
  • Proprietary co-entrant design
  • Combines sound path of midrange and treble into one horn 
  • Pure ribbon tweeter
  • 3" midrange drivers 
  • 15" Bass driver 
  • Precision CNC machined horn from solid hardwood 
  • Fully active design or optional passive configuration 

Speaker system No.1416 can be configured for a non-vintage appearance.