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Joseph Crowe

Video Training Series -- Crossover Design

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By purchasing this video series you will automatically receive access to my crossover design video series. 

This video series walks you through step by step on developing a passive crossover. The format is point of view (POV) using my iPhone 13XL Pro, which allows visual instruction on every aspect from rigging up a test crossover, critical listening using test tracks, and use of various software applications. 

The video series relies on the use of ARTA measurement software which can be purchased for $100 USD here. You can download the software for free here but you cannot save with the free version. 

The other software used is free:

Hardware Requirements 

  • Measurement microphone and/or mic preamp (measures frequency response)
    • Example: Dayton Audio UMM6 USB Reference Mic (click here
    • Alternative example setup
  • DATS speaker tester (measures impedance sweep)
    • Example: Dayton Audio DATS speaker tester (click here)


  • 1080P resolution
  • Point of view format (POV) for excellent visual and audio detail 
  • Money back guarantee (no questions asked) 

Part 1 (40 minutes) 

  • Software and hardware setup
  • Measurement setup and troubleshooting 
  • Collecting raw frequency response data 
  • Collecting raw impedance response data
  • Importing into simulation software 
  • How to simulate crossover using software 
  • Building physical test crossover 
  • Measuring frequency response and confirming simulation 
  • Critical listening using test tracks (actual examples using POV) 
  • Discussion on correlation between subjective listening and measurements 

Part 2 (31 minutes)

  • Process for developing 2.5-way open baffle 
  • Experimenting with various crossover points and critical listening (POV with test tracks) 
  • Step by step on improving sound quality by observation and fine tuning 

Part 3 (40 minutes)

  • Pro-Sound 10" Coaxial crossover development 
  • Discuss unique attributes of coaxial speakers 
  • Review raw test data 
  • Simulate crossover in software
  • Rig up test crossover 
  • Confirm measurement of test crossover 
  • Develop notch filters for low frequency 
    • Achieve target response 
  • Develop notch filters for high frequency 
    • Critical listening of various crossover points using test tracks (POV)
    • Achieve final target response 
  • Final listening and discussion on sound quality aspects