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Joseph Crowe

Speaker System No.2095

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Speaker system No.2095 features a 15" back loaded horn for the ultimate in high sensitivity, rated at 105dB (in-room) and bass extension down to 38Hz, designed specifically for low power tube amplification. 

Designed for two channel music systems where smoothness and clarity are a top priority. Each driver has been specifically chosen for a rich and full sound character. 

The design strives to provide audiophile level refinement which is completely devoid of the typical horn coloration. 

The main midrange horn covers nearly all of the vocal range which results in excellent coherency. The large 5" paper cone compression driver was chosen for its specific sound character. Instruments are rendered with authenticity. For example, a violin sounds like it is made of wood, and not some other material! 


  • 105dB sensitivity (in-room) 
  • Bass extension 38Hz (-3dB downpoint) 
  • 600Hz + 8kHz crossover points 

Finish Options

  • Rubio 2C wax (x2 coats) 
  • Satin varnish 


  • Back loaded horn cabinet No.2095
    • 18mm Baltic birch plywood
    • Rubio 2C x2 coats in chocolate colorant 
    • Rear decal plate, brushed copper on black
      • Company logo, labels for input and outputs to MF and HF
    • WBT-0703cu binding posts
    • Internal crossover board
      • Mundorf EVO oil capacitors
      • Dayton Precision resistors, gold plated leads, shielded
      • PTFE Jacketed wire, silver coated OFC, 16Ga.
    • Beyma 15LX60V2 woofer
    • Viablue XL isolation feet (black)
  • ES-450 Biradial No.2183
    • 2” throat
    • Solid birch wood
    • Rubber ball mounting system 
  • Fostex Bullet Style Tweeter T90A (stock)
    • Sits in grooves on top No.2183
  • External Wiring to MF and HF from No.2095 Cabinet
    • Braided jacketing with heat shrink sleeve ends
    • PTFE jacketed wire, OFC silver plated copper

Additional Cost (not included), please contact for a ship quote 

  • FedEX Air Economy Shipping
    • Commercial shipping crate, 3.8” plywood box, 1” Styrofoam padding internally