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Joseph Crowe

Speaker Plan No.1937 --- 15" 2-way

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive the following:

  • 3D CAD Files (.iges & .stl format) 
  • Assembly & detail drawings (.PDF format) for bass cabinet and speaker stands 
  • 2D CAD Files for front baffle, rear panel fixed, rear panel removable (.dxf format)


Speaker cabinet No.1937 is for the avid DIY enthusiast wanting a baseline cabinet and horn design to form the foundations of a world class speaker. The plans include the drawings and 3D CAD files required to construct the speaker. The customer is expected to select a woofer and compression driver of choice, however the plans come already tuned for two woofers: TAD TL-1601A and 1601B. The ES Biradial horn features a 2" throat with standard hole spacing for a large format compression driver such as the BMS 4590. Please contact me if you need the TAD woofers. I can get these new from Japan which are made to order. 

  • Cabinet sized and tuned for TAD TL-1601A or B (port length 200mm and 230mm respectively)
  • Front mount driver (driver installed inside cabinet by removing rear cover) 
  • x2 large 10cm diameter ports for low port turbulence 
  • ES-290 Biradial face mount to front baffle of enclosure 2" throat 
  • Compression driver mounting holes x2 M6 at 4.000" bolt centers 
  • Speaker dimensions: 600mm wide x 852mm tall x 400mm deep (not including horn)
  • Speaker stand height: 260mm 
  • Listening height: 920mm (floor to tweeter) 
  • Assumes 24mm thick baltic birch plywood 
  • Solid hardwood speaker stand with traditional joinery 

Bass Cabinet Tuning 

  • 129 Liter internal volume 
  • If using TAD TL-1601A cabinet is tuned to 36Hz (port length 200mm)
  • If using TAD TL-1601B cabinet is tuned to 34Hz (port length is 230mm) (cabinet volume stays the same) 
  • x2 port 10cm in diameter, port velocity is 20m/s at full xmax 
  • Maximum SPL is 119.5dB SPL at 1m for one speaker 
  • Speaker sensitivity is 95.6dB at 1w(2.83v) 1m. 

Cabinet Construction 

  • 45 degree miter joints in corners, with solid hardwood radius inserts along outside edges (see photos) to provide a rounded appearance to the cabinet and match the 6mm radius on the edges of the horn mouth (see pictures). 
  • Removable rear cover with secondary panel immediately behind rear cover for terminal plate. This keeps the terminal plate in place even when the rear cover is removed.  
  • Terminal plate includes two sets of binding posts along with provisions for x2 L-PADS 

Special Note

  • It is assumed that the purchaser has access to a CNC machine to construct the horns. 
  • Manual woodworking methods can be used for the cabinet but it suggested that a CNC machine be used for the cabinet as well. 
  • It is assumed that the purchaser has access to CAM programming to program the CNC machine to cut the horn. Please see the general information page on finding a local CNC shop.