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Joseph Crowe

Smooth Transition Throat Adapter No.2322 for Yuichi A290 Horn

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By purchasing these 3D CAD Files you are able to 3D print these smooth transition adapters for the Yuichi A290 Biradial Horn. 

For dimensional drawing click here


  • Optimized for a smooth throat geometry 
    • Custom flare geometries for horizontal and vertical axis 
    • Perfectly transitions into flare geometry 
    • Reduces abrupt physical edges that may introduce resonances or reflections 

    • File format is .STL for 3D Printing 
    • Includes file for 1.40" and another file for 2.00" throat 
    • Standard mounting for compression drivers 
      • 102mm bolt spacing  (M6)  
      • Screws to horn with x4 wood screws on 96mm x 96mm pattern (see drawing)
    • Mates to the standard 50mm x 50mm square throat on the Yuichi A290 
    • Files sent automatically after ordering, please check spam/junk mail if you don't see the file arrive