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Joseph Crowe

Sabourin Front Horn DIY Plans

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The Sabourin Horn is a front horn offering ease of construction for the DIY enthusiast. By purchasing these plans you'll automatically receive by email the zipped file containing all the PDF drawings required to construct the horn.  These plans include seven different size variations included a suggested design for either a compression driver, fullrange driver, or planar transducer.   

Included in the plans... 

  • Funds in CAD currency 
  • PDF assembly and detail drawings 
  • Seven different horn size variations
  • 3D CAD files for horn assembly (.iges format) 
  • Sealed rear chamber drawing 
  • Throat adapter drawing (.PDF format) 
  • Throat adapter 3D CAD File (.iges format) for 3D printing or CNC machining 


  • 500mm x 500mm horn mouth 
  • 300Hz low frequency cutoff (Fc) 

Horn Technology 

  • Successor to the Summer Rain Horn 
  • Three stage horn flare geometry 
  • Closely follows the ES Horn Flare curvature 
  • Wide throat angle reduces throat acoustical reflections (odd order standing waves) 
  • Wide mouth angle reduces acoustical reflections back down the horn mouth (first order harmonic reflection) 
  • 24mm thick birch plywood construction for low mechanical resonance 


Walk Through Video Click Here.

Blog Post 

Click Here to view the blog post. 


    The Sabourin Horn consists of flat plywood panels cut with compound angles to form a miter joint.  This produces a clean appearance even from the rear of the horn.  The miter joints also provide a very strong finished assembly. 

    These plans include seven different versions of the Sabourin Horn... 

    1293 --- 300Hz 2" throat version (1.4" with the throat adapter) 

    1294 --- 300Hz 3" throat version (for use with 3" fullrange driver or other) 

    1295 --- 300Hz 4" throat version (for use with 4" fullrange driver or other) 

    1296 --- 300Hz 6.5" throat version (for use with 6.5" fullrange driver or other) 

    1297 --- 300Hz 8" throat version (for use with 8" fullrange driver or other) 

    1298 --- 200Hz 8" throat version (for use with 8" fullrange driver or other)

    1300 --- 300Hz GRS PT6825-8 Planar Transducer (Also BG NEO8S or NEO8PDR)

     Sealed rear chamber 

    The drawings feature a sealed rear chamber (Ref No. 1299) which can be altered to suit your specific driver.