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Joseph Crowe

Open Baffle Speaker No.1695

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$6,000 USD each plus shipping 

Sound Characteristics 

  • Medium bass dynamics on percussion 
  • Great bass resolution (especially on bass guitar)
  • Perceived soundstage scale or size: Medium 
  • Excellent soundstage depth and width 
  • Excellent treble dynamics 
  • Vocal region is rich and warm due to 10" Scanspeak Mid-Woofer 


  • Priced individually (select x2 at checkout) 
  • Made to order (please allow 3 months for build) 
  • Solid kiln dried hardwood baffle (55mm thick) 
  • Optional Walnut, Cherry, or Oak wood species (customer to specify) 
  • 1.40" SB Audience 65CDN-T with custom  open back rear chamber 
  • 10" Scanspeak woofer using SD-1 motor technology for low distortion 
  • 15" SB Audience 15OB350 woofer (designed for open baffle)
  • 95dB Sensitivity in-room  (91dB anechoic)
  • 2.5-way configuration (180Hz LR4 + 1.2kHz xover 1st order)
  • ISO Acoustics GAIA lll Feet 
  • 6mm thick metal support bracket, powder coated 
  • Shipping is Extra (please contact for shipping quote) 

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