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Joseph Crowe

Onken Style Bass Cabinet No.1838 for Altec 416-8B 16" Woofer

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Featuring PDF download plan instructions for bass cabinet No.1838. This cabinet is specifically designed for the vintage Altec 416-8B 16" woofer. Please contact me for custom designs using other drivers (


  • PDF assembly and detail drawings 
  • DXF of assembly and detail drawings 
  • Nested layout on three sheets of plywood for one pair of cabinets

The zipped folder includes the files below...


  • 200 Liter internal volume 
  • Onken style slot ports for clean articulate bass 
  • 29 Hz tuning frequency (35.5Hz F3)
  • 95dB Sensitivity
  • 650mm wide x 808mm tall x 600mm deep 


  • 24mm thick birch plywood 
  • Can be constructed using manual wood working methods (table saw etc.)
  • One pair of cabinets fits on three sheets total of 4' x 8' plywood 
  • Basic construction requiring regular woodworking skills 
  • Has optional hold-down screw holes for use on CNC machine (optional)

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