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Joseph Crowe

Off-Axis Rotary Table Plans No. 1137

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Update 03/19/2020: During this tough time I am offering these plans for free.  To download the plans simple click here.  Feel free the share the plans with others.

This product includes full detail drawings to construct a custom rotary table.  This rotary table allows you to make accurate off-axis acoustical measurements of your speakers.  The special design is simple to construct and does not require the purchase of any special hardware other than two regular door hinges.  

  • Constructed from regular 2 x 4 housing lumber (90mm x 38mm)
  • Base and top plinth made from 3/4" thick plywood (or other) 
  • Construction uses wood screws and construction glue 
  • The only hardware required is two regular door hinges 
  • Keeps pivot point at exactly the front baffle 
  • No reflection points below the baffle 
  • Can easily be re-designed to be taller for outside measurement 
  • Maximum speaker size 559 x 229 x 343  (22″ H x 9″ W x 13.5″ D) 
  • Maximum speaker weight 20 kg


  • Assembly and Detail drawings of each component (PDF Format) 

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