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Joseph Crowe

ES-4000 Circular Horn for Fostex T925A

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This ES-4000 Circular Horn is designed to improve the appearance and performance of the Fostex T925A.  By providing pattern control in the 7kHz-10kHz region the overall power response is improved between this region of bandwidth *and* the upper treble (10kHz-20kHz).  Additionally the step response is cleaned up by reducing edge diffraction off the front bezel of the driver.  The horn provides a smooth physical transition from the horn flare on the driver itself.  


  • Price is per pair 
  • CAD funds 
  • Does not include the Fostex Tweeter 
  • ES curvature 
  • 4kHz loading 
  • CNC machined from oak hardwood (other woods available)
  • True black penetrating stain 
  • Rubber feet 
  • Two-piece assembly (shipped assembled) 

Physical Dimensions 

  • Horn diameter: 132mm (5.2”)
  • Base to center of horn 70mm (2.8”) 
  • Overall Depth (not including driver): 116mm (4.6”)