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Joseph Crowe

ES-1000 Circular Horn No.1207 --- 3D CAD Model

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive the 3D CAD files via email to allow 3D printing or CNC machining the ES-1000 Circular Horn No.1207.  

This horn is optimized for the best sound quality possible for hifi applications.  

Click HERE for Specification Sheet 

Click HERE for Technical Drawings

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  • Funds in CAD currency 
  • Plans are for personal use only (Please contact for commercial licensing)
  • Zipped folder containing all required 3D CAD files (.iges, STL)
  • ES horn flare curvature provides flat frequency response 
  • 1kHz low frequency cutoff (Fc) 
  • For hifi applications requiring the highest sound quality possible 
  • 178mm (7") outside diameter 
  • Matches well with 5" or 6.5" woofers 
  • 1" throat optimized for a variety of compression drivers (ie. RCF ND-350, TAD TD-2001, B&C DE250, Altec 806-8A)
  • 76mm (2.99") bolt hole spacing, 2-bolt pattern, clearance for M6 bolts 
  • Pedestal mount to top of bass cabinet 
  • Two pieces assembly for ease of manufacture
  • Custom design work available (please contact

Optimized for sound quality 

Test data shown with TAD TD-2001 Compression Driver 


These plans include two model options.  One option has the lip of the horn mouth continue straight.  This is ideal for 3D printing.  The other option has the wrap-around horn mouth.  This option is for more advanced users of CNC machines. 

Shown below is the 3D CAD file with the straight horn mouth (no wrap-around)

Shown below the second option where the mouth includes the wrap-around.


Below is a list of files included in the order.