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Joseph Crowe

Classic Series Horn No.1836

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive via email the 3D CAD file required to make the horn. This allows the DIY enthusiast to either 3D print or CNC machine the horn. 

The Classic Series Horn No.1836 was introduced by popular demand which is inspired by the vintage Onken SC-500 Horn. We started by carefully reversed engineering the horn based on detailed drawings. The horn design was then changed to accommodate CNC manufacture, but otherwise the horn flare geometry remains the same as the original allowing you to experience the classic sound that contributed to the Ultra-Fi Hobbyist revival in Japan and Italy. 


  • Funds in USD currency (Canadian) 
  • Maintains special throat geometry where the vertical flare reduces while the horizontal expands along the first 10cm of throat depth. (see picture)
  • 2.00" throat with 101mm bolt center spacing (common mid-format size dimensions) 
  • For the 1.40" throat version click HERE
  • Other drivers will be accommodated in future versions. Please contact for inquiries
  • 3D CAD files in .STL and .iges format 

The zipped folder contains the following files:

Click Here for dimensional drawing. 

 CNC Feasibility 

  • Carefully designed for CNC manufacture 

  • Draft angles on all vertical surfaces to clear standard ER20 Collet 
  • Requires 5" long cutter  for roughing and 5" ball end mill for finishing
  • Can be machined in one setup with no flipping of the part 
  • Optional radius on top/bottom of horn can be done manually with hand router 
  • Top and bottom half bolt together with M6 or 1/4" threaded rod, or long bolts 

Horn Geometry 

  • Follows the same geometry as the Onken SC500 wood horn
  • Rear extension for super tweeter for physical time alignment 

Integrates with Onken style cabinet No.1838 which used the Altec 416-8B driver.