3D Model File for ES-1200 Bi-Radial Horn

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Purchase the 3D math file of the ES-1200 Bi-radial horn.  Once you make the purchase then you will automatically receive and email link to download the zipped file containing various 3D model files (STL, IGES).   You can use these files to 3D print the horn or you can use it to CNC cut the horn from wood or other materials. 


  • 222mm Wide x 120mm High x 95mm Deep 
  • 1" Diameter Throat 
  • Mounting for TAD 2001 
  • Other compression driver mounting available, please email joseph_crowe@josephcrowe.com

Technical Drawing Click Here


  • ES (Exponential Spiral) horn flare geometry 
  • Wrap-around horn mouth for low edge diffraction 


Special Notes

There are no detail drawings available for this product since the ES Curvature is far too complex to dimension in a regular drawing.  This horn is therefore best made using CNC cutting or 3D printing. 

This horn is for personal use only.  For commercial inquiries please email joseph_crowe@josephcrowe.com