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Joseph Crowe

3D CAD Model for Horn No. 1689 800Hz ES Circular Horn

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive via email the zipped folder containing the 3D CAD files. These files allow for either CNC machining or 3D printing the horn. Please note these files are for personal use only. Please inquire about commercial licensing. 


  • Funds in USD currency 
  • Includes the following file formats 
    • .iges 
    • .x_t (parasolid)
    • .step
    • .STL (typically used for 3D printing) 
    • Global file format that can be imported into any CAM program
    • File format for 3D printing (import into your 3D printing CAM software) 

  • Xsim3D Crossover File (.dxo format)
  • Raw frequency response file (.frd format) for RCF ND-350 driver
  • Raw impedance response file (.zma & .tzz file from DATS software)
  • Raw ARTA measurement at 1m and near field (.pir file) 

Horn No.1689 is the latest ES Circular horn featuring a 1" throat and 1kHz cutoff Frequency. The horn has been highly optimized for the controlled coverage down to the horn's cutoff Frequency.  This is achieved by using a large horn mouth area along with a high flare rate. Not only does this provide controlled coverage, but it also completely eliminates any horn coloration due to resonances and edge diffraction. This brings out the full potential of your compression driver in terms of sound quality.  

This horn is featured in my blog here where I test the horn with three different compression drivers. 


These horns are constructed from solid walnut hardwood. The horn is precision CNC machined from a solid piece of stock material. This means that no gluing of parts are done after machining. This ensures excellent fit and finish. The rear podium mount is integrated into the horn for an elegant appearance. 

The horns are sanded and finished with Rubio MonoCoat providing a hard durable finish that looks natural. 


  • 1" throat 
  • Standard mounting 76mm bolt spacing (6mm bolt size) 
  • 12"(30cm) outside diameter 
  • Can be used on a variety of compression drivers 


Technical Drawing click HERE

Test Data

Off-axis performance

As shown below, the horn provides textbook perfect polars providing unprecedented sound quality. 

Pattern control is maintained down to 600Hz which allows for seamless integration with a variety of woofers ranging from 8" to 15". 

The horn performs well with a variety of other compression drivers.


Frequency response with SB Audience ROSSO 44CDN-PK shown below.

The frequency response with the Faital Pro HF108R is shown below:

Shown with the suggested passive crossover is shown below.