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Joseph Crowe

3D CAD File --- Rear Cover No.2376 for SB Audience 65CDN-T

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This product is the 3D CAD file that I designed specifically for the SB Audience 65CDN-T compression driver.  This cover will also work for the ceramic version (65CD-T).  


  • Enlarges rear chamber volume compared to stock 
    • Lowers FS from 460Hz to 270Hz 
    • Cleans up subjective sound quality in the 500Hz-1kHz region 
    • Optimized for home audio use where high SPL levels are not required 
  • Uses existing mounting screws 
  • Simply remove existing cover and install new cover 
  • No insulation or stuffing material required or suggested 
  • Includes vented and non-vented version of the file (see below)
  • File format is .STL for 3D printing 
  • Physically measures 120mm diameter x 70mm deep 
  • Suggest at least 50% infill for print settings 
  • Custom design for rear covers available for other drivers (please contact
  • Zipped file is automatically emailed to you after ordering. Check your junk/spam folder if you don't see it right away.