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Joseph Crowe

3D-CAD File for E-800 Biradial Wood Horn for Altec 604-8G Coaxial Driver

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By purchasing these 3D CAD files you will automatically receive via email the zipped folder containing the required files.

Based on the classic Yuichi A-800 horn, I've made some improvements to the overall appearance by rounding off the horn corners.  

The 3D CAD files are provided in STL format for 3D Printing as well as .iges format for those that want to CNC machine the horn. The horn is made as a top and bottom half. Both top and bottom pieces are identical. The two halves can be screwed or glued together. The finished horn mounts using two machine screws to the Altec 604-8G throat and replaces the existing plastic horn lens. Please note this horn only works with the 604-8G model. We do not currently have designs that will work with other drivers. If you would like a horn designed for a different model then please contact me for a quote. ( 

Click on the drawing below for physical size.