TAD TD-2001 on ES-800 Biradial Horn

This blog features the TAD TD-2001 mounted to the ES-800 Biradial Wood Horn.  I show the resulting acoustical and electrical measurements and provide some comments on subjective impressions on the sound quality. 
Test Setup 
  • REW & ARTA Measurement Software 
  • Dayton UMM-6 Measurement Mic 
  • Chord Mojo DAC fed from PC 
  • Class A Solid State Amp (15 watts) 
  • Blue Jeans RCA Cable 
  • Measurement Distance 66cm 
  • Distance to nearest reflection 114cm (floor) 

Test Configuration in ARTA Software 
Impedance Sweep 
TAD TD-2001 Impedance Curve 
Frequency Response 
Below is the measured frequency response of the TAD TD-2001 with the ES-800 Biradial Wood Horn as measured in REW software. 
TAD TD-2001 Frequency Response 1/24dB Smoothing (Gate 5ms)
Here is the same measurement conducted using ARTA Software...
ARTA Software...TAD TD-2001 Frequency Response 1/24dB Smoothing (Gate 5ms)
Impulse Response 
TAD TD-2001 Impulse Response 
Step Response 
TAD TD-2001 Impulse Response 
Burst Decay 
TAD TD-2001 Burst Decay 
The TAD TD-2001 is the best measuring driver that I've tested to date.  The frequency response is extremely smooth and looks as though I've accidentally applied 1/6 dB smoothing, however the results are actually showing 24dB smoothing!  The burst decay is completely free from any resonances with the exception of the 1kHz region which is likely reflections from my room. 

Listening Impressions
I set up a single horn in my basement listening room and listened to music while I worked on my computer for two days.  I used a B&C 12" woofer for the bass and I rigged up a passive crossover for listening.  
This driver is very revealing with exceptional detail and a low noise floor.  The driver also has a very sweet sound even into the extended treble.  The driver sounded very pure with zero hint of harshness.  
Here are some comparison measurements made withe the same test setup.
Burst Decay for E-250 Dual Neo8S Horn

Frequency ResponseE-250 Dual Neo8S Horn (Red) + TAD TD-2001 (Black) (5ms gate) 

E-250 Dual Neo8S Horn being Measured 

TAD TD-2001 on B&C ME20 Horn Burst Decay 

TAD TD-2001 on B&C ME20 Frequency Response, REW, 5ms Gate, 24 dB smoothing