Speaker No. 1198 Measurements

This blog post features a full set of acoustical measurements on the No.1198 Speaker.  I also provide my subjective listening impressions. 

A full description of this speaker can be found at the following links below...

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Acoustical Measurements 

Frequency Response 

The Frequency response for the 1198 speaker is shown below.  This measurements was taken in my studio at 1 meter using the Dayton UMM-6 reference microphone.  Measurement software is ARTA.  The response below is shown with the passive crossover.  Below 500Hz was done with the ground plane measurement method.  I did not combine the reflex port output in this graph. 

The frequency response graph shows ±0.75dB from 500Hz - 8kHz.  The response rises +1.65dB at 10kHz.  The -3dB point is 15kHz.

Speaker No. 1198 Frequency Response


For the distortion limited SPL test I decided to compare these results with the 1159 stand mount speaker for reference.  

The PDF of this comparison can be found here

Test results show a maximum SPL of 90dB SPL at 1 meter from one speaker if using a distortion threshold of 0.50% THD.  This is identical to the 1159 stand mount.  Distortion does rise sharply above 95dB.  

Step Response

The step response is shown below... 

Burst Decay 

Burst decay shows a very clean result. 

Horizontal Off-Axis Polar Response 

Subjective Listening Impressions 

Below is a ranking for my subjective impressions on the sound quality... 

Soundstage Depth --- 8/10

Soundstage Width --- 7/10

Smoothness --- 9/10 

Coherence between midrange and treble --- 8/10 

Vocal Clarity Male --- 7/10 

Vocal Clarity Female --- 7/10 

Accurate Musical Instrument timbre --- 8/10

Sense of Dynamic Range: --- 7/10 


The 1198 speaker provides excellent sound quality for it's size category. 

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