Speaker No. 1198 --- Floorstanding Transmission Line

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Floor Standing Transmission Line Speaker No.1198


This product is a flat pack which requires assembly.  Please allow 4-6 week for construction.  Custom hardwoods available upon request.  

Click Here for a walk-thru video on the 1198 design and construction.  

The 1198 speaker is a continuation of the 1159 stand mount speaker.   For acoustical measurements on the horn section click Here.

This floor standing version uses a mass loaded transmission line enclosure to provide deep powerful bass.  Using the new Purifi PTT6.5 woofer provides very low distortion and high SPL.  

1198 uses the SB Acoustics Satori TW29BN-B mounted in the ES horn flare geometry. The 40mm thick solid hardwood baffle has the horn itself machined into the baffle as one piece.  This results in a clean contemporary look while allowing the horn geometry to fully wrap around to the side of the cabinet.

  • By horn loading the tweeter we are able to control the off-axis coverage pattern so that it matches that of the woofer at the crossover point. 
  • The horn depth is 40mm which perfectly time aligns the tweeter to the woofer 
  • Distortion is reduced since the tweeter is not working as hard to produce the same output. 
  • The ES curvature will reduce edge diffraction off the speaker baffle edges.  


  • All prices in CAD currency 
  • Price is for 1 pair of speakers (Flat Pack, requires assembly) 
  • Solid walnut front baffle (40mm thick) 
  • Solid walnut base plinth (40mm thick) 
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  • Electrical Schematic for passive crossover
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