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Joseph Crowe

Speaker System No.1900

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Speaker system No.1900 is an ultra compact desktop monitor. Speakers are sold individually. Please add x2 for a stereo pair during checkout. We currently have three units in stock for a potential home theater Left/Center/Right setup. 

These specific speakers are constructed with 12mm birch plywood cabinets with solid walnut horns. The cabinets are finished in a flat finish protective varnish while the horns are finished with a protective wax. 

We suggest pairing with the Roger Sound Labs IA255.1 Ultra Compact Integrated Amplifier found here. (Not Included) 


  • 15cm (6") ES circular horn using Peerless OC25SC65-04 dome tweeter 
  • Markaudo Alpair 5.3 Driver 
  • 2.2L bass reflex enclosure (rear port) 
  • 12mm thick plywood cabinet construction 
  • Rear port 
  • Passive crossover 1.1kHz crossover point using 3rd order slopes 

Compact Size 

  • Bass cabinet dimensions: 115mm wide x 180mm tall x 180mm deep 
  • Horn Size: 150mm diameter x 50mm deep 



The cabinet is constructed from 12mm thick baltic birch plywood (hardwood outer and inner ply). Below is an example of just one detail drawing as an example of what is provided. 


 Passive Crossover 

Speaker System No.1900 has been developed using extensive listening and testing. Below is the objective test data highlighting it's excellent performance in terms of sound quality. 

Elegant Design