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Joseph Crowe

Sabourin Speaker System No.1309

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The Sabourin Speaker System No.1309 is a turn-key design offered to the DIY enthusiast.  


By purchasing these plans you'll automatically receive by email the zipped folder containing all the PDF drawings required to construct the Speaker System.  We also include the crossover schematic as well as the autoCAD .dxf nested layout of the bass cabinet.

The Sabourin Series is a DIY speaker plan to provide audiophile sound quality in a high sensitivity 2-way with point source sound characteristics.  The Sabourin Horn 1300 utilizes a new planar transducer available from GRS.  This affordable driver is capable of 300Hz-20kHz frequency response when loaded in an appropriate front horn.  

The Sabourin Series is aimed at the DIY enthusiast wanting to build a high performance speaker that rivals nearly all speakers on the market.  Ease of construction was paramount in the design allowing manual woodworking tools such as a compound miter saw and table saw.  There is no bending of wood, no CNC, no sanding complex curves.  The three stage horn flare curvature is very close to the ideal horn flare geometry.

Low distortion, high SPL, and wide coverage was the design goal.  But more importantly the Sabourin Horn Series provides large scale sound that effectively reproduces the experience of a live concert.  This is something that can only be experienced first hand.  

The plans allow for the construction of a finished speaker including bass cabinet, front horn, and crossover.  Assembly and detail drawings are provided in PDF file format.  The horn and bass cabinet are constructed from 24mm thick baltic birch plywood.  A cutting layout is provided to ensure effective use of material. 

Walk through video click HERE.

NEW!! To order the drivers, crossover components, and binding posts click HERE.

Specification Sheets

Sabourin Horn No.1300 

Sabourin Bass Cabinet No.1303

Sabourin System No.1309 (No.1300 & No.1303 as a complete speaker) 

Included in the plans:

  • Funds in CAD currency 
  • PDF assembly and detail drawings 
  • 3D CAD files for horn assembly (.iges format) 
  • .Dxf file for bass cabinet nested layout
  • Sealed rear chamber drawing 


Horn Technology 

  • Successor to the Summer Rain Horn 
  • Three stage horn flare geometry 
  • Closely follows the ES Horn Flare curvature 
  • Wide throat angle reduces throat acoustical reflections (odd order standing waves) 
  • Wide mouth angle reduces acoustical reflections back down the horn mouth (first order harmonic reflection) 
  • 24mm thick birch plywood construction for low mechanical resonance