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Drivers and Crossover Components Kit for Sabourin Speaker System No.1309

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By ordering this product you will automatically receive all the hardware to build the Sabourin Speaker System No.1309.  This kit uses the affordable Dayton Audio DS315-8 woofer along with the GRS PT6825-8 planar tweeter.  The kit also includes all crossover components as well as six pairs of binding posts (see comment below).

To order construction plans click here

For convenience we've combined the drivers, crossover components, and binding posts into one order to be shipped to your location and includes shipping within the USA. (please contact for shipping internationally) 


One pair of binding posts are for the speaker input.  The other two pair are to exit the bass cabinet and feed the horn above. 

For simulation results on the cabinet tuning for the Dayton DS315-8 woofer click here

For a Parts Express video featuring the Dayton Audio DS315-8 click here

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