Collection: The Nighthawk Series Front Horn

The Nighthawk design has progressed into an updated design that can be found HERE

Nighthawk is an exclusive design by Joseph Crowe.  The hourglass shape is completely unique in the Audio Industry.  The goal with the Nighthawk is to provide HiFi sound for both Audiophile and Pro Sound Applications including studio monitoring.  The central high frequency horn provides wide constant directivity coverage and blends seamlessly with the midrange horns flanking top and bottom.   Careful attention was paid to ensure seamless off-axis coverage at the 5kHz crossover point.  The midrange horn loads the six midrange drivers effectively down to 180Hz.  A bass cabinet playing below 180Hz is required to complete the system (Not included).   High SPL, high sensitivity, easy load, and wide off-axis coverage, AND audiophile sound quality is achieved with the Nighthawk. 

All Nighthawk products are custom made to order.  

Design services available including crossover and bass cabinet design.

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YouTube Video Feature Nighthawk 1132