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Joseph Crowe

Nighthawk Speaker System No.1636

This product page are NOT plans. It is only available as a build. 

Nighthawk Speaker System No.1636 is made to order. Please contact for pricing and lead time.


  • 20Hz-30kHz 
  • Pattern control down to 20Hz 
  • 90dB sensitivity 
  • 8ohm 
  • 300lbs per speaker 
  • 120Hz & 1.2kHz crossover points 

Low Frequency Section 

  • Ripole bass cabinet 
  • 15” LF transducers (quantity four 15” woofers per cabinet) 
  • 24mm thick baltic birch plywood construction 
  • Steel support structure, powder coated 
  • Solid walnut side cheeks 
  • ISO Acoustics Gaia l isolation feet pocketed out into walnut base 
  • 45mm thick solid walnut base plinth 

Midrange and High Frequency Section 

  • Hourglass horn shape which offers wide and well behaved off-axis coverage
  • Full ES curvature on midrange and high frequency for low diffraction and coloration 
  • ScanSpeak midrange drivers (x4  3” driver per cabinet)
  • Pure Ribbon Tweeter (horn loaded)
  • Precision CNC machined horn from solid hardwood 
  • Rubio Monocoat finish for durable natural look

Support Structure (Ref No.1636-02)

  • Metal support structure (1/4" thick steel) 
  • High definition CNC plasma cut sheet steel 
  • Powder coated black 

Passive Crossover (Ref No.1636-03)

  • Enclosed in base plinth 
  • Fully Passive crossover for LF, MF, and HF 
  • High grade wiring land components used throughout

Final System Setup (Optional)

  • Delivery and setup at customer's address  
  • DSP room correction using reference microphone (if using DSP)  
  • Fine tuning of system using variety of customer's music