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Joseph Crowe

Ripole Subwoofer 1636 for Dan

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  • Funds in CAD currency 

Nighthawk Horn Speaker (Ref. No.1138) (Part of original scope) 

  • Nighthawk 1138 front horn 
  • Scanspeak 10F/8424G Drivers 
  • Viawave Ribbon Tweeter 
  • Support bracket (to be designed) 
  • Hardwood (Customer Specified)
  • Clear varnish finish (Satin)
  • Mid-Bass Horn No.1276 removed from scope (July 2022)

Bass Cabinet (Ref No.1636-01)

  • Ripole bass cabinet sold as a pair 
  • x8 total 15" woofers (SB Audience Bianco-15OB350 15" Open Baffle Woofer)
  • 24mm Baltic birch plywood construction for cabinets 
  • 100mm thick solid walnut side cheeks for each cabinet 
  • Constrained layer damped driver mounting baffle 

Support Structure (Ref No.1636-02)

  • Metal support structure (12 ga. mild steel) 
  • High definition CNC plasma cut sheet steel 
  • Powder coated black 
  • ISO Acoustics Gaia l isolation feet pocketed out into walnut base 
  • 45mm thick solid walnut base plinth 

Crossover (Ref No.1636-03)

  • Housed in hardwood tube behind tweeter 
  • Passive crossover for LF, MF, and HF 
  • May require some DSP room correction using customer's Trinnov Amethyst preamplifier 
  • Bi-amp and Bi-wire capable between LF and MF
  • High grade components used throughout 
  • Dayton satin/nickel finish binding posts 
  • Joseph Crowe custom decal and labelling (laser engraved brushed nickel plated emblems) 

Final System Setup 

  • Delivery and setup at customer's address in Toronto 
  • DSP room correction using reference microphone 
  • Fine tuning of system using variety of customer's music 

Current project costing (July 26, 2022) below:

Currently left in the job: $4,200 (available credit to customer) 

Cost required to complete project based on above: $21,700.00

Subtract current credit: $21,700.00 - $4,200.00 = $17,500.00 + HST 

Terms: 60/40 ($10,500/$7,000)



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