Collection: Exponential Spiral (ES) Circular Baffles

These items are build-to-order.  Joseph will work with you to design your ES Circular Baffle based on your specific driver or speaker system.  We can suggest drivers based on our own testing and listening, or provide a completely finished audiophile speaker. Please inquire with your specific needs: 

joseph_crowe(at symbol) 

Only available from Joseph Crowe these baffles go to extremes to eliminate Edge Diffraction caused by cabinet edges.   

Measurable Benefits 

  • Improved impulse response (1.3ms down to 0.80ms)
  • Improved Spectial Waterfall Response Plots 
  • Broader off-axis response (less beaming)
  • Smoother Frequency Response on-axis 
  • More gradual naorrowing of response as you move off axis 


  • Uses special Exponential Spiral Curve profile 
  • Rolled lip with cavity on backside for acoustical absorbing material 
  • Internal Flare to reduce reflections behind driver 
  • Designed to mount to your existing cabinet. 

Full feature video here... 

Exponential Spiral (ES) Circular Baffles