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Joseph Crowe

Subwoofer No.1097

Subwoofer 1097 is a zero compromise audiophile subwoofer with the following performance targets...

  • Ultra low distortion (<0.25% THD) 
  • High SPL 122dB @ 1 meter 
  • F3 of 25Hz (Tuning 22Hz) 

This product is sold as a finished product and is made to order.  Please inquire about customization or other design services. 

Other Details 

  • Sold as a PAIR of subwoofer cabinets including drivers and plate amp. 
  • Dual 15" Subwoofers (Dayton RSS390HF­4)
  • 1000w Plate Amp in each cabinet (Dayton SPA1000)
  • 24mm thick baltic birch plywood construction 
  • Real wood veneer (ie. Walnut)
  • Professional conversion varnish stain 
  • Removable rear cover 
  • 78mm thick base 
  • Shipped globally in wood crate for protection (Included in price) 

Ultra Low Distortion 

Below is the %THD for one bass cabinet.  1097 achieves only %0.25 THD at 110dB SPL.  


1097 is a no compromise construction to virtually eliminate cabinet vibration.  Constructed of 24mm thick baltic birch plywood using double layer in most locations.  

Onken Side Ports 

The onken slot ports are known to provide clean bass by virtue of stiffening the cabinet side walls as well as damping internal acoustical resonances inside the cabinet itself.  The high aspect ratio ports provide critical damping to resonances above the cabinet's tuning frequency to help provide clean bass in the 40Hz-200Hz region. 


Technical Drawing Click HERE

Dayton 15" Subwoofer Specication Click Here.

Dayton 1000w Plate Amp Specification Click Here

During checkout please select your wood finish from the pull-down menu. 

Natural Grade BB Birch Plywood 

Real wood veneer (ie. Walnut)