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Joseph Crowe

Speaker System No.2545 --- Dual 15" 2-way

Preliminary --- Some aspects of this design is still under development:

  • Test ultra-wide horn (May '24)  Some test data can be found here
  • Test JBL 2226J (Late April '24) 
  • We have not tested the Altec 416-16B but the 8ohm tested well here

Speaker System No.2545 can be custom ordered as a finished build. Please contact for a quote including shipping. 

Dual Woofers

Speaker system No.2545 can be ordered with a choice of woofer models. 

Compression Driver & Horn 

Speaker system No.2545 can be selected with a choice of compression driver models and configurations. 

  • Dual or single compression driver configuration 
  • 90 or 120 degree coverage window
  • Choice of compression driver model 
  • B&C DCM50 (8 or 16ohm), RCF ND940 (8 or 16ohm) 


  • 2-way design 
  • Dual 15" woofers 
  • 300Hz crossover point 
  •  102.6dB Sensitivity (2.83V) (Anechoic) (dual 15LX60 wired in parallel) 
  • 110dB Sensitivity (in-room) (Approximate) 
  • 300L bass reflex cabinet tuned to 42Hz 
  • 24mm thick birch plywood cabinet 
  • Solid hardwood horn (CNC machined) 
  • Removable rear cover 
  • Internally mounted passive crossover 
  • Real wood veneer (selected at order)