Joseph Crowe

Speaker System No.1724 Crossover Parts Package

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  • Funds in CAD Currency 
  • Includes all capacitors, resistors, and inductors for x3 speakers 
  • Mundorf EVO Oil Capacitors for HF signal path 
  • Solen MKP Series for low frequency capacitors 
  • Air Core inductors used throughout 
  • High power handling fixed resistor L-pad 
  • Binding Posts
  • 50' Supra Classic-6 Wire

Bill of Material Listed Below 

L1 sw.33 3
L2 1.0mhl 3
L4 PL6 6
C1 EVO-OIL-10 3
C2 EVO-OIL-3.9 3
C3  EVO-OIL-0.33 3
C4 cp80 6
C5 Same as above   
C6 EVO-OIL-1 3
R1 MOX16 3
R2 MOX2.7 3
R3 MOX33 12
R4 MOX12 12