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Joseph Crowe

Speaker System No.1697

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive the PDF drawings required to built these home theater speakers. 

NEW! You can now purchase the component kit for this speaker!  The kit includes all components to build three speakers for a Left/Center/Right home theater setup.  Details can be found HERE


  • All funds in USD currency 
  • Plans automatically emailed after purchase 
  • Includes PDF assembly and detail drawings 
  • Includes passive crossover electrical schematic 
  • Basic construction techniques (no angle cuts)

Design Features

Dimensional Drawing click HERE.

Specification Sheet click HERE.


Speaker System No.1697 is designed for home theater.  The plans come with configurations for either mains (Left & Right) or Center.  These speakers are optimized to provide excellent mid-bass transient response and output capability above 80Hz.  


Designed for low distortion and high output, along with refined audiophile quality sound, these speakers are capable of an easy 105dB output while keeping critical distortion below -45dB (0.50%) through the mid-bass region (80Hz-300Hz), which is an often overlooked design parameter in home theater. 

The constant directivity horn provides wide, but controlled off-axis coverage for easy listening regardless of seating position.  A low crossover point of 900Hz ensures excellent clarity through the vocal range.  

The passive crossover has been carefully optimized to provide a target curve which includes a gentle falling response starting at 1kHz.  This provides a rich and full sound signature.  System response is within +/-2.5dB (see published data). 


The construction assumes the use of standard 18mm thick MDF.  They builder may upgrade to a thicker wall, or use baltic birch plywood instead.  This is a very simply build requiring only basic wood working skills.   Plans include full electrical schematic for the crossover including suggested brands and model numbers for inductors and capacitors.