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Joseph Crowe

Speaker Plan No.1866 --- Markaudio CHR120

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By purchasing these plans you will automatically receive the required drawings to construct Speaker System No.1866. 

  • 6.5" Markaudio CHR120 fullrange driver 
  • 40Hz tuning frequency 
  • 28L cabinet 
  • 85dB Sensitivity @1w (anechoic) expect 88dB in-room (aprox.)
  • 18mm plywood construction (can easily be adjusted for other thicknesses) 
  • Solid walnut or other hardwood front baffle suggested (optional) 
  • Removable front baffle design with four wood screws 
  • x2 flared 50mm rear ports 
  • Fully tested with critical listening in stereo pair 
  • Full test data found at my blog here
  • Elegant support stand drawings using traditional joinery 
    • Detail drawings for each piece 
    • Easy to follow instructions 
  • Electrical schematic for passive contour circuit and baffle step compensation
    • Consists of two inductors and two resistors 

Sound Characteristics 

  • Coherent sound source 
  • Great bass quality, tuneful and not bloated 
  • Strong vocal presence 
  • Great soundstage depth 
  • Great upper treble clarity 
  • Narrower listening window in upper treble requires dedicated listening position